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With the ever increasing need for precision control in industrial processes, water treatment processes and distribution, or sewage flow control and treatment processes, adjusting the speed of the motor driver requires dedicated and highly engineered equipment.  Furthermore, energy conservation achieved by way of varying motor speeds to meet actual demand is evermore present and a mainstay in “Green” initiatives.  Since 1968, Danfoss Drives has been dedicated to developing VLT® variable frequency drives to control speed, torque, acceleration, synchronization, positioning, and the overall performance of AC motors.  The reliable and innovative VLT® drives are designed to support any automation application all the while providing major energy savings.  Below, you will find links to Danfoss’ research and development into low-harmonic drive (LHD) technology as compared to 12 and 18 pulse solutions currently on the market. Danfoss has invested heavily in a state of the art facility in Loves Park, IL that is dedicated to manufacturing the VLT® drives for the US market as well as the ongoing Research & Development for the VLT® drives for the world marketplace.

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